And So It Begins

As of yesterday, I am a thesis machine and only a thesis machine ((Well, not exactly. I also have some essays to mark, but not many, if any.)).

No teaching, no guest lecturing; I’m all about the thesis and the writing of the thesis, baby.

I am, frankly, a bit scared. The endgame looks to be a mammoth undertaking; not only do I need to finish this chapter but I need to write an introduction and a conclusion to another and then, once those two not inconsiderable tasks are complete, rewrite all those chapters which feature out of date terminology, repetition and unclear prose.

Which is everything.

So, as of today, I am thesis and only thesis.

Roll on March and my final draft.


Siobhan says:

Yes at this stage it may seem a little like going off out into the desert for 90 days or that SJD song “Living Down a Hole” on continuous loop, but I know you will make it.

I got through my much shorter but extremely unwanted and therefore painful Research Paper by telling myself I wasn’t actually doing it, I was doing a series of tasks that were preparing me to do the paper. I kept this up until I was finished.

I also was in a threeway with my husband and his PhD thesis for several years so can claim some vicarious knowlegde. (

I wish you all the best!