Follow the money

Many Conspiracy Theorists tell us to ‘Follow the money,’ because, apparently, if we do, then we’ll find out who/what is in control (as well as possibly finding out about their motives).

This kind of analysis has always been a little suspect to me; it does suggest that money is:

a) the root of all evil (which I can, somewhat, buy into), and

b) really the most important thing.

This latter point has always perplexed me; in the world of the All-Embracing Conspiracy Theory, surely money is just another tool of ‘theirs?’ If you want control, and if it is alleged that you already have that control, money is really just a secondary consideration.

Anyway, of those who say ‘Follow the money,’ David Icke (who I know to be a favoured character by many a reader) has made a bit of a career out of exposing who is financially behind this and that, tying it all into his Reptiloid-cum-Illuminati-cum-New World Order thesis, and arguing that the money shows who is really in charge, and why you can’t trust those who share bank account details with them.

Which is why this article by William Banyan, at ‘Paranoia Magazine,’ makes for an amusing read; Icke is either guilty of being very naivé in respect to his own finances, having double-standards or being in the pay of his enemies.

You can decide. I’m going to go try and find a cool place out of the sun to recover from the excitement of “The End of Time – Part Two.”


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