The Manifesto of Self-Revocation

Once apolitito, when the world was fresh in univerps, I and some other miscreants worked out a religious tract ala the Principia Discordia. It was centred around the pretty conceit that I should be the Pope, and that my interest in Khaos magick would inform the theology. We ended up with a website – which probably breaks modern browsers – that was deliberately made to be as hard to navigate as possible ((I wanted people to ‘experience’ the work rather than merely ‘read’ it.)), which has not gone down in history as great or well-known and we ended up with this:

The Manifesto of Self-Revocation

The ‘Manifesto…,’ or the ‘Red Book of Neo-Catholicism, as I sometimes called it, is a ‘Principia Discordia’-esque text. It took an awfully long time to create and I’m rather proud of bits of it. I wasn’t so proud of other bits of it, as there was at least one rape joke and a number of transphobic ones. As such, the version now available has been updated to reflect my more progressive lifestyle choices.

We always planned to get the thing printed and bound, but the cost of doing so has always been rather exorbitant, so it remains a PDF and only a PDF. Now, this is the point where I am meant to say ‘Until today!’ Except that it is still a PDF and only a PDF.

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