Funding update/Last call!

There are a mere four days before my PledgeMe campaign to go to Miami closes, and there are still a few interesting rewards ready for the taking. For example:

  1. Your name in the acknowledgement of the next book.
  2. A postcard from Miami
  3. Conspiracy Bingo! – The Game
  4. Getting referenced in an episode of The Podcaster’s Guide to the Conspiracy
  5. A cue card and some other piece of memorabilia from TEDxChristchurch
  6. An annotated chapter from the PhD. Think of it as a writer’s commentary.
  7. A poster based on the cover of The Philosophy of Conspiracy Theories.
  8. Invites to the book launch for The Philosophy of Conspiracy Theories
  9. A spiral bound copy of the pre-submission version of my PhD, including corrections, typos, etc.
  10. Copies of The Philosophy of Conspiracy Theories.

So, why not have a little pledge?