An update on my crowdfunding campaign

Have you taken the pledge yet? And even if you have, have you taken the chance to donate a little money towards my PledgeMe campaign?

Have you?

I’m now 27% funded, which is pretty good going for the first few days, but that still leaves 73% to go. So, please do consider donating, especially since backers get to see entertaining (in some sense of the word) videos like this:

I’m fascinated by the fact that, at this stage, it’s the big ticket rewards which seem to be getting the pledges, rather than, say, the postcards. I have a plan to introduce something around the $20 mark, in the hope that gets a few more people interested in backing the campaign. I’m thinking some kind of “Conspiracy Theory Bingo” card/game.

Anyway, donate, and keep washing the pies!

P.S. Also, this week’s The Podcaster’s Guide to the Conspiracy was on the various conspiracy theories around the banning of 1080, although in some respects it was just an excuse to worry a little more about the election results.