Conspiracy Round-up – 1st of August, 2014

The Kim Dotcom story gets murkier with the revelation that, despite what Jonathan Coleman said, he was advised that the FBI were investigating Dotcom prior to said Minister granting Dotcom residency. This makes the Kim Dotcom story all the weirder, since it now seems it is much more probable (than it was before) that the nationstate of New Zealand granted Dotcom residency to make it all the easier for the FBI to get at him.

In other news, the sexual abuse by celebrities scandal in the UK is also getting weirder, what with the stories of Tory MPs refusing to have done anything about it back in the day. Stories like that have led to stories like this: MPs threw parties for sexual abuse of children

Related to last week’s talk about Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, this piece about the time the USA shot down an Iranian passenger jet and then covered it up is fascinating reading. America’s Flight 17 – The time the United States blew up a passenger plane—and tried to cover it up.

Meanwhile, a local website claims there is no evidence Russia did it: US Intelligence: No Evidence Russia Did It

The same website on how MH17 and MH370 are the same plane: Jim Stone’s take on the ‘already-dead dead’ MH17 passengers.

Note: I’m not endorsing these theories. Indeed, this page from the same site is really only of interest because it commits a common move found in many New World Order conspiracy theories: any time anyone in power says something which features talking about doing things in a new, globally-responsible manner, someone will shout out “New World Order!”

Obama calls for collectivised New World Order.

Meanwhile, Jesse Ventura, politian and conspiracy theorist, is suing a dead Navy SEAL for claiming that said Navy SEAL punched him out cold.

Idiot/Savant, over at No Right Turn, blogs about the conspiracy of silence being used by MPs in Aotearoa (New Zealand) to prevent the public knowing which MPs are rankled by not getting a big enough pay increase. It’s part of his “Deserving their reputation” series and even if you think “It’s not really a conspiracy!” it’s the kind of commonplace activity which gets cited in support of other conspiracy theories. The fact that politicians engage in this kind of secretive behaviour provides at least some weight to the claim that they might be up to no good elsewhere.

Morgan Godfrey blogs about Colin Craig and the Conservative Party (which, if it were a band, would mostly play terrible Eagle’s covers in the Mod style). What he writes ties in nicely with my recent and on-going criticisms about John Ansell and his contempt for Māori:

So if the level playing field is true – it isn’t – then you’re poor, dumb and incarcerated because you deserve to be. Where the injustice is not the fact that you are poor, dumb and incarcerated, but that you need and receive targeted rights because of it. The reasoning is absurd: catering for substantive inequality is actually creating legal inequality. On Planet Conservative, the latter is the real crime.

But it’s a very attractive argument – especially among the selfish. If disadvantage is a matter of personal responsibility then it requires no response from the advantaged. The demand that Māori accept “equal rights” – so no legal distinctions between different people – is really a plea for assimilation. Craig is really asking Maori to accept their disadvantages quietly. Well, no thanks.

Do you believe the Earth is at the centre of the universe? Apparently there are some fundamentalist Catholics who still maintain that geocentrism is the truth and modern physics is a lie. They’ve made a film and got a few noted scientists to appear in it, on rather dubious terms.

The Conspiracy Theorist Who Duped The World’s Biggest Physicists

I could link to my recent post about Jamie Whyte and his recent stint as lead race-baiter for the ACT Party (and so I just have), but you deserve fresher links. Why not check out some more of Morgan Godfrey’s wisdom:

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Carrie-Stoddart’s wisdom:

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and Danyl McLauchlan’s wisdom

Why ACT always needs to play the race card.

Also, whether or not you thought that wasn’t a set of people on the Left coincidentally coming to the same conclusion, you shoud listen to the most recent episode of The Podcaster’s Guide to the Conspiracy.

Finally, The top ten: Questions to which the answer is ‘no’.