Conspiracy Corner – John “The Reptile” Key

Every Thursday, about 8:15am, Matthew “phones” in his thoughts about some contemporary conspiracy theory to Zac on 95bFM’s “Breakfast Show”.

Last week I talked about Shane Warbrooke’s OIA request asking the government for evidence John Key is not a representative of an alien shape-shifting species hellbent on enslaving humanity.

Now, due to time constraints the version of the segment that was broadcast was about a minute shorter than the version I recorded; nothing was cut due to content. No, I just went on a little longer than the timeslot allowed. So, for those of you who like unadulterated me, you can listen to the longer version of the segment below.

The Original John Key, Reptile Superstar

For the record, John Key can be a reptile without literally being a reptile. That is all.


Good work sir. David Icke has long been one of my very favourite conspiracy theorists – ever since I read one of his books where he claimed that the Reptilians come from the “Lower 4th Dimension” where “bad emotions” come from.

Cpt747 says:

….so where would the ‘gutless..’ Chris Finlayson be in the Dimension game ‘………?

IIRC (it’s a long time since I read the book) Icke doesn’t really expand on his scheme of dimensions below the lower 4th. That said, he’s convinced that pretty much anyone in any position of power is either an out-and-out Reptilian, a human of Reptilian stock (they’ve been selectively breeding and interbreeding with us for years doncha know?) or a Reptilian-built hologram to replace the original individual that they murdered. So the odds for Chris Finlayson are still fairly solidly lower-4th in terms of dimensional origins.

Cpt747 says:

…thanks Matthew for confirmation of c.finlayson’s origin. He never replies to any e-mails that I have sent….The recent book ” Twisting The Treaty “..a Tribal Grab for Wealth and Power….has a massive volume of evidence against this ‘low-life’. His Treasonable acts against All New Zealanders are going ignored…..a jury of his peers would hand down a ‘ Guilty as Hell ‘ verdict…..yet he runs free’, uncover of an ‘unelected’ MP…..our Democracy is stuffed”…