Conspiracy Corner – Bensa Magos and Barack Obama

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Bensa Magos is the author of “The Phrenology of Barack Obama”, “Holder’s Hero: Oklahoma City, Fast and Furious, and Disarming America”, “Obamacare: The Seven Clones of Barack Obama“ and “Obama Antichrist”. He is a Burma-based occult author who uses techniques like mesmerism and the like to detail the evil plans and machinations of the world elites, particularly that notable servant of Satan, Barack Obama.

I can’t help but think that Magos might be taking the piss; look at this blurb for “Obamacare: The Seven Clones of Barack Obama” in which he reveals the:

fearful hegemony of the bloodline of Obama clones. Wrought by the eldritch Annunaki cloning program of Summeria fixed to the alien DNA of Egyptian Pharaoh Akhenaten, the Obama clone-line produced seven failed clones, each horrifically disfigured as they are wicked. Effectively applying the often discredited practices of 19th century mesmerists, Magos reanimates the obscured chronicles of the seven Obama clones, including the shocking revelation of the apostate Seventh Obama clone. Now the current President of the United States, in actuality the Eighth Obama clone, systematically unveils his cyclopean plans to merge Monsanto’s culling “Seeds of Death” with Obamacare’s “Final Solution” holocaust in a tripartite dynasty of economic ruin, endless “War-as-Peace”, and his planned Apotheosis through the calculated subjugation and culling of Human Souls. What forces execute this millennia old cloning program that prove ultimately to shatter traditional historicity? What are the pharaonic drives behind the Eighth Obama clone’s solipsistic domestic and Middle East policies? What abomination lurks in the chilling feud between the Seventh and Eighth Obama clones as they vie for totalitarian control over their human victims, each nudging their herd of mind-controlled masses closer to ineffable Pandaemonium.

It almost seems like a parody of a particular style of conspiracy theorising. That being said, the blurbs of David Icke’s book are similarly baffling and I’m fairly sure he is serious about this reptiloid hypothesis.

Magos’s thesis is that Obama, the result of a long-running cloning program by the Annunaki, is a servant of evil who will bring destruction on all humanity if unopposed. Magos’s researches, then, provide a crucial understanding of why it is that Obama is both evil and a puppet for even more sinister forces who are working behind the scenes. In “The Phrenology of Barack Obama” Magos uses:

the pseudo-science of phrenology. Magos uncovers natural, unnatural, and preternatural features of “Manchurian Candidate” Obama’s cranium and brainpan, including the mysterious “head scar” which the mass media refuses to discuss. Causes for the head scar range from CIA brain-implants to a partial lobotomy by his puppet master handlers, as well as the most shocking revelation: that Obama once had a horn. Magos follows a trail of evidence that leads from Obama’s brain surgery and dehorning, to government Mind Control programs like MKULTRA and MONARCH with roots in the Nazi Occult, and ultimately to the satanic endgame revealed by the Demon Horn of Moloch.

I like how he admits to using pseudo-science to diagnose the terrible nature of Barack Obama (who, in Obama Antichrist he associates with the demonic figure “Baraq-U-Bamah”), but I suspect, like his use of “often discredited practices of 19th century mesmerists” in “Obamacare: The Seven Clones of Barack Obama”, he is talking about how servants of the system (like meself) tell the world that phrenology and mesmerism are bunk despite knowing full well that they work.

Magos is not a major force/contributor in conspiracy theories about Obama, in part because I think his occult focus is a little too trippy for the relatively more reasonable seeming Birthers. However, Magos has has an interesting conspiracy theory of his own about why that is, and specifically the public reception to his book “The Phrenology of Barack Obama”. When Boing Boing broke word of “The Phrenology of Barack Obama” it was around about the time sites like Popular Science and the like decided to close down comments on articles due to new, worry-inducing research which showed that no matter how rigorous your arguments might be, commentators who merely disagreed with you tended to have more sway in the debate. Here’s an article from the always interesting Infowars which presents a particularly conspiracist take on the matter. Magos has alluded on Twitter that talk of “The Phrenology of Barack Obama” and the closing down of comments on articles on Boing Boing are somehow related:

“This happened right around the time Boing Boing featuring my book “The Phrenology of Barack Obama…” — Bensa Magos— Bensa Magos (@ozemacamp5) September 28, 2013

Now, I’m sure Magos doesn’t believe Boing Boing and Popular Science ended the practice of commenting on articles just to spite him; it’s probably part of a grand conspiracy to stifle dissent (which is how Paul Joseph Watson at Infowars has characterised it), in which Magos is simply one of the many free thinkers affected. Whilst that’s certainly a possibility, it’s also possible that Magos’s theories are just a tad too out there.

Anyway, why not judge for yourself: someone has made some remarkably brilliant promotional videos for the books (which kind of tell you nothing whatsoever, but are worth watching nonetheless):

The Phrenology of Barack Obama

Obamacare: The Seven Clones of Barack Obama:

Obama Antichrist:

Holder’s Hero: Oklahoma City, Fast and Furious, and Disarming America: