CfP: #twecon 2012 – September 3rd (12pm NZST) to 4th (12pm NZST)

Call for Papers: #twecon – September, 2012

The author of the blog “EPISTO!,” Matthew Dentith (HORansome), is inviting paper titles and abstracts for the 3rd #twecon, to be held on September the 3rd to 4th, 2012 (from 12pm NZST on the 3rd to 12pm NZST on the 4th).

The brief for this tweet-based conference is open and thus we are accepting papers on any topic.

To submit a paper for inclusion at #twecon please tweet your paper’s title and short abstract (you may want to use a tweet for each) with the tag #twecon any time between now and the 2nd of September (this is mostly so the organiser will have an idea of how many papers he will be archiving and to send out helpful reminders to those who are planning to give papers on the day). Anyone may enter.

Details about the previous #twecon, including copies of the papers given at the conference, can be found here and here.


1. Papers may be no longer than 6 tweets in length (with one of those tweets being a compulsory title/byline).

2. Each tweet must be numbered.

3. Tweets may link to images, short video clips (less than thirty seconds in length), but cannot link to written material unless it is a link to a quote, further readings, et cetera.

You should not use a link in a tweet to get around the 140 character limit.

4. Each tweet must have the following tag: #twecon

The Conference

The conference will start on Monday, the 3rd of September at midday New Zealand time. Please keep an eye on the #twecon hashtag during that time or visit this page for updates.

After the opening address (at 12pm) has been given presenters may start giving their papers. In the last two years there was no strict timetable and people used what might be called a “modicum of commonsense” to ensure that papers were given throughout the day rather than just lumped together at the beginning.

Once all the listed papers have been given there will be a closing speech, at which point presenters and attendees are expected to go to their local alehouse, pub, coffee spot or liquor cabinet for a post-conference drink. You are not required to wear name tags during the conference, but if you want to wear a badge emblazoned “I just presented at #twecon: ask me about my paper!” during the day you will not be stopped from doing so (unless such an activity is illegal in your jurisdiction).

All papers will be archived on this page.