Draft #twecon programme

#twecon takes place on the 11th of July and these are the papers you can expect to see presented.

Matthew Dentith – The problem with official theories

David Cauchi – Perspective painting proves nothing exists

stacefamily – Moving beyond love and luck: building right relationships and respecting lived experience in New Zealand autism policy

In 1997 a mother killed her autistic daughter but in spite of much policy attention since, ASD remains a ‘wicked’ problem. Why?

stutterdude – Stuttering Fun Facts: things you might not have known about stuttering

Josh Addison – A meta-comedic defence of touchy topics

Paul Scoones – Scripting Subtitles: the pros and cons of writing production notes for classic series Doctor Who DVDs

Mike Dickison – A new reconstruction for the giant Haast’s Eagle, Harpagornis moorei

George Darroch – “Invisible Genocide” – claims of secret genocide(s) in Indonesian Papua

Cheryl Bernstein – A photographer is a person who attempts to place within the image information that is not predicted by the camera

Matthew Dentith – Summarising a 85,000 word PhD thesis, entitled “In defense of conspiracy theories,” in 5 tweets

Megan Clayton – A third, a third, a third: some thoughts on union activism in a New Zealand provincial university

Robyn Gallagher – Seen Your Video: The Early Years of NZ On Air-funded Music Videos

Pauline Dawson – A Farewell Symphony: Memory loss and the loss of memories

Heather Gaye – Culture Shocker: anecdotal-but-hard-learned tips for kiwi travelers on surviving the move to London.

James Butler – Socialised media, privatised message: the shifting focus of the editorial voice

Andrew Long – TMI: Twitter as emergent autobiographical manifestation engine

Train the Teacher – It’s about the learning: The role of teachers in the information age

<a href=””http://twitter.com/parkesweb”>Steve Parks – ¿Nadie piensa en los niños? Un caso para la enseñanza de lengua extranjera obligatoria.

Or: “Won’t somebody think of the children? A case for mandatory foreign language teaching.”

Aimee Whitcroft – Robots and tentacles: the singularity as kraken