Not Conspiracy Corner – The Irish Side of the Moon

Like many Pākeh&#257, I’m mostly Irish on both my parent’s sides, so when the kind people at the Irish Side of the Moon, a radio show from the old country’s own Donegal, asked me for an interview I could hardly say no.

They don’t like the term “conspiracy theory” on the Irish side of the Moon, and I can understand why. The charming Michael and I spent just over an hour talking about my thesis, why I, too, reject the pejorative usage of conspiracy theory and why is it that academics who study conspiracy theories don’t get much respect from their peers? Indeed, we enjoyed doing the interview so much that we recorded it again ((This is true; the real reason for the re-record can be left to your imagination; hopefully it’ll generate some conspiracy theory of its own.)).

You can listen to me wax lyrical here. I do recommend listening to the other shows; the James Randi interview is spectacular and I enjoyed the interview with David Icke, who sounds so sensible for a man who entreats us to beware of alien shape-shifting reptiles.