Calling on you all for help with the Conspiracy Corner

I told you I’d be going silent for a while, didn’t I?

I will apologise for the lack of updates about the Conspiracy Corner segments; at the moment bFM don’t seem to be making podcasts from the breakfast show segments, so I’ve not been able to keep my foreign (and I’m including people outside of Auckland those of you in Auckland who have made the wise decision not to wake up before eight on a Thursday) listeners in the loop. Some of the recent material has been very good, I feel, and I’m hoping I’ll be able to get copies up soon.

I’ll be going silent again very shortly; I’m getting incredibly close to having a full and near final version of the thesis ready to go, so blog post writing really is the least of my concerns at the moment. Before I disappear back into the darkness of my cave, I’d like to ask a favour; on Thursday’s show I am going to talk about the growing conspiracy theories around the death of Osama Bin Laden. I’ve already contemplated talking about the following:

  • The thesis that he was killed after the royal wedding so to prevent a possible terrorist attack at the wedding (which security forces where claiming might occur; prior to the wedding someone in MI5 said they thought the Real IRA might stage an attack).
  • The thesis that this will aid in Obama’s re-election.
  • The thesis that this shows Obama really is a secret Muslim because it’s a diversionary tactic.
  • The thesis that says “He died years ago” and this is a ruse. – See here for an… entertaining take f rom Alex Jones and co. (thanks to David Winter)
  • The “He isn’t dead and this is a ruse” thesis.
  • If you have sources for these theories close to hand, can you e-mail, comment or tweet them to me; I’m a bit busy this week and need a bit of crowd-sourced research. If you know of other conspiracy theories relating to the death of Osama, I’d appreciate being kept in the loop; this is a topic that is bound to grow and grow over the next few days and I might need some help keeping on top of it.



    Edward says:

    Here’s some conspiracy related mainstream news Matthew: