Film Festival Hiatus

If my paltry number of regular readers have been wondered what I’ve been up to, well, the answer is this.

I’ve been festivising with the hoi polloi.

I have also been working, but the segments I have been working on are not ready for human consumption. So, let’s skip past that, shall we?

More quick news that fills up a blog post: I am currently reading Cass Sunstein’s book on Rumours (or “Rumors” as he calls them), which I’ll review in the next week or so. It’s a bit of a weird booklet; very early on decides not to define what a rumour is (and then, a sentence later, seems to define what they are quite happily). A lot of the things he finds problematic about the presence and transmission of rumours in the world seem like issues that could be easily addressed if he had a full definition to work with.

Also, I’m also moderating a debate on the nature of the Flying Spaghetti Monster and the Pink Unicorn for the University of Auckland’s Atheist Week. More news on that as it comes to hand.

Finally, the Rumour paper, the one I gave at the Singaporean conference, is getting published in a book. I know this because they want to give me an honorarium for submitting the manuscript on time and in a publishable form. Apparently the honorarium is “substantial.” Given that you usually don’t get honorariums for publication, substantial could mean anything between fifty cents and a trillion dollars. I’m hoping the later, although if it’s enough to buy a coffee or two I’ll still be happy.

Back to work. Well, off to see the final film of the festival.