No more Dentith Files…

Word has come down from on high that “The Cryptid Factor” is going fully cryptid and thus discussion of conspiracies are now off the agenda.

But cry not for me, for I am not yet dead. I might resurrect “The Dentith Files” as some kind of podcast in the near future.

There’s no hard feelings. I’ve not been rejected; it’s the content. You should continue to listen to David, Rhys and Buttons. They have a unique show and if there’s an audience for that, well, who knows what benefits that bring me along the line.

Still, it’s not a bad idea to ring them up, during the show, and demand I be brought back.

Just make sure you do it in the best possible taste.


Marinus says:

*Surely* there isn’t that much cryptid stuff to go around.

To my ears, you didn’t really fit in with that crowd, with their irreverent asides and slapdash commentary. José was a much more appropriate foil for your content, I think. Maybe if every one of your broadcasts was like the 24-hr filmfest one, but it isn’t.

I would subscribe to your podcast, though.


A radio show devoted to imagined animals is a bit too specialist for me. Bring back Jose.