Of import!

One of the academic lists I subscribe to recently received what some might take to be a most important missive. I share it with you because the sender wishes all to know that salvation by Philosophy is just around the corner.

First of all I would like to request to have this message forwarded to the Philos-L list by all means as it is important. I am not posting this out of reductionist understandings, but purely out of phronesis and real true deep understandings about what is going on in current society and what is needed to change. Or, in Nietzsche’s words, AND THUS SHALL IT BE!

This new type of philosophy is actually already there and has been for at least 2 years.
The problem at current times is only that most people and I think also most philosophers are still too blindfolded with relatively prehistoric understandings and beliefs, preventing them to even take the time to read and absorb and getting to understand this new philosophy which is actually the only way to go. I am certain about it. And developed what is needed. I am actually still working on it.

What I am talking about is the discourses of mine to be found here
based on the sole true structure of our universes to be found here

If only people would start reading and try to shoot a lot of their accritically indubitable beliefs into pieces, getting to understand that some of this beliefs and understandings are largely insane and damaging by nature, a lot of social problems currently consisting can and will be solved. Economic problems and many other problems, I could all solve them just on my own. As long as other people would just do what I would instruct them to do. But people do not because they are programmed with the WRONG, INSANE understandings…..partial reductionist understandings like also still too much into mainstream philosophy and social sciences….and the content of discourses below is the sole sane way to go. Although there might be many other ways for expressing in words.

Kindest regards,

Wilfred Berendsen
The Netherlands