Spring Clean

I have, after some time, uploaded the very terrible photos my phone takes to the computer. Amongst them is this ‘amusing’ snap of a concluding paragraph to “Tutankhamun: The Exodus Conspiracy,” which really exemplifies mere Conspiracy Theorising to a ‘T.’

Tutankhamun - The Exodus Conspiracy - p. 279


Nick Withers says:

You should turn the paragraph into an auto-generator for conspiracy book conclusions.

“Unfortunately there are no answers.” Might that be because the question is stupid? I take it that these papyri concern the captivity in Egypt which never happened.

I like the notion of these papyri being tucked underneath dozens of insignificant papyri, as if the Egyptology departments of museums were like a stationery store – filled with minor papyri which nobody bothers to look at.

bi -- IJI says:

Now we just need someone to exhibit an “Exodus papyrus” written in grammatically broken hieroglyphics (or should it be hieratics) and containing a yachtload of anachronisms.

We can only but hope.

— bi