The Lost Hours of the Lost Symbol

In fourteen days time the new Dan Brown page-turner will be in my not-at-all sweaty hands. I am, oddly enough, looking forward to it; if ‘The Lost Symbol’ is as big an event as ‘The Da Vinci Code’ became it will fuel Conspiracy Theories and interest in Conspiracy Theories for years to come ((I hope the Freemasons are getting ready for an increased interest in what they are up to. Whether they end up being the villains or the hidden heroes of the story, they are going to be subject to quite a lot of scrutiny should the book prove popular.)).

I will be there to feed.

I plan to read the book in one mammoth sitting; it shouldn’t be too hard; I read the last Harry Potter book in a few hours (I had to, after the internet’s role in the Snape Reveal Fiasco of ‘…the Half-Blood Prince’) and J. K. Rowling’s prose is a damn sight more complex than anything Dan Brown has to offer.

I’m hoping to get a short review of the book up within a few hours of finishing the undertaking; I’ll leave the longer review a few days to fester.