The Dentith Files – David Aaronovitch’s “Voodoo Histories” Review

Between 2008 and 2010, Matthew Dentith first joined 95bFM’s Simon Pound, then José Barbosa, on Sunday mornings to talk about conspiracy theories. Listen, as they say, again!

This week James and I discussed David Aaronvitch’s ‘Voodoo Histories,’ which lead into the discussion of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion (something I keep calling, when not corrected, the Elder Protocols of Zion; I wonder what the Younger Protocols of Zion are like?), the Trotsky Trials (which really are called the Moscow Trials since it was Trotsky supposed supporters who were tried at the time) and Aaronvitch’s dogmatic insistence that the Official Theory, the Received View or the Status Quo should be adhered to.

As I was washing my coffee cup James got a call from a fan who wanted to thank me for my review; the caller no longer feels the need to read the book after my scathing commentary. Given that reviews are either meant to persuade or dissuade someone from reading the book I think I’ve done my job.

Anyway, the written review will hopefully be posted shortly. More news, as I often say, as it comes to hand.