Falsify this, commie fool!

The continuing fight between Gareth Renowden, of Hot Topic, and Ian Wishart, publisher of New Zealand’s other conspiracy rag, ‘Investigate’ continues, with Wishart now asking Renowden to justify a claim that the UN isn’t trying to impose a One World Government.

Wishart, like many Climate Change Skeptics, believes that the real agenda behind saving the planet and the species that live upon it is an agenda to instate a shadow world government.

You can’t make this stuff up.

Now, call me a philosopher, but the move that goes ‘There should be global taxes on pollution that affects the globe’ to ‘They want to take control’ is a little… over-wrought? Indeed, I believe I’m writing a thesis on this. I should get back to that.


“Meanwhile, it seems the Arctic is not melting as much this year.”

It only hurts when I laught.