More Celtic Nonsense

I’m in the midst of marking essays so I don’t really have the time to devote much more than expressions of exasperation in regard to this puff piece on Doutré and the boulders.



bi -- IJI says:

Matthew, I think your response is just right. 🙂

From what I’ve observed about the global warming ‘debate’, denialism is not about actually making arguments, but simply making noise. To even try to give a detailed response to them is to give them too much credibility.

— bi

Edward says:

oh goodie, more top notch journalism. I just came back from the NZAA conference in Wellington, where Victoria University’s head of Maori Studies Peter Adds gave a talk about the political misuse and public misconception of archaeology in NZ. While focusing mainly on the lack of archaeology education in schools and the Moriori myth, he found time to have a laugh at Doutre, well, we all did I suppose. Sad that after the conference we all come home to find Doutre at it again.

By the way Matthew, there was a good talk by a UoV philosopher of archaeology by the name of Ben Jaffares. Have you heard of him? Thought you might find his work interesting what with your own background.

admin says:

I know Ben. He did his MA under Kim Sterelny (who came to the very first paper I ever gave at a conference). Ben even taught in the Department of Philosophy here (teaching the Philosophy of Biology) a few years back before going to Oz to do his PhD. We’ve swapped notes a few times. Good to see that he’s presenting stuff to actual archaeologists; that’s always the goal in cross-disciplinary work but sometimes it never eventuates.