No Retraction, No Surrender

So, the Celtic New Zealand issue rumbles away at the Herald. My letter, a support letter from Paul Moon and yesterday a letter from an archaeologist-cum-astronomer ((I always want to say ‘astrologer’ when I think ‘astronomer,’ which is a weird hang-up and sometimes causes trouble in class)) ((I’m debating the merits and ethics of reprinting the letters here. Should I put them up for all to see, knowing that this might well be considered a breach of copyright? Answers in the comment box, please.)) debunking Doutré and his ‘archaeological method.’

But no retraction, no (as far as I know) responses from Wayne Thompson and thus no closure. Doutré has had his puff piece and now has a nice citation in a national newspaper to use when referencing his own work.

On the plus side, the letters page seems to be the most popular part of the Herald and a lot of people will now be aware that there was a(nother) stupid article printed by our ‘illustrious’ and biggest daily newspaper.

Still, it would be nice to see some social responsibility exercised by the Herald.

One lives in hope.


Giovanni says:

I say put them up here.

Edward says:

I’d be interested to see what the archaeologist had to say – I haven’t seen it and can’t find a link.

Keri H says:

I’d also support putting the letters up here.

I figure, if one makes a comment in a public forum of any kind, that comment becomes public property.

And yep, I know copyright applies, and I am *very* keen on protecting copyright, but – provided the letter is copied in its entirety – go for it.