No real content, but wow, the presentation


Madeleine says:

Ok….. missing your point?

admin says:

The website’s intro is so very, very exciting (and over the top) for what it, in essence, an auditing/accountancy service. Still, I suppose they might be Millenarian in some way, shape or form.

bi -- IJI says:

The organization name is also pretty exciting but not really appropriate. The description of its rationale (“Last year, the IRS targeted over 5,000 nonprofit tax-exempt organizations to audit”) and goals (“International Congress of Churches & Ministers (ICCM) was established to provide 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charters to churches and ministries”) look pretty US-specific. And yet it calls itself “International”.

— bi

admin says:

A friend of mine asked whether it was a front for the Mob. It certainly gives off a vaguely threatening air, that site.