No Dentith Files this week

As the title says, no twenty minute session this week. I’m swamped with thesis, you see, and did absolutely no prep for the radio. However, next time… Well, what a show I have in store. It’s probably entitled “Little Known and Mostly Considered Irrelevant Conspiracy Theories of Our Times.”


Madeleine says:

I so get the swamped by the thesis thing – how long have you got to go? (Ever shifting goal-post that it can be).

Any chance you could take a mo to update your link to us? You are linking to our old blogspot url, our new url is We are trying to get rid of the old links out there as despite the fact they still work, they are skewing our stats.

admin says:

Ah, that magic question. At the moment my stock answer is `A complete draft by next Christmas.’ But, a bit like similar comments as to when the World Wars would be over, this is subject to change.

Link(s) changed.

Madeleine says:

Thanks heaps for that but now it appears they have gone? You’re still on ours…. 🙂