Sixty pages (one and an half-spaced)

I’ve just collated my TeX files that make up the bulk of the Definitions chapter and I have sixty pages. That doesn’t include the introduction section to the piece nor does it include my attempt at a definition; this is just the discussion on previous definitional attempts. In a few days I’ll finish up my own attempt at a definition and try to write it up not just as a section of the thesis but also as a potential paper.

This is big news. I’ve been hoping to break this camel’s hump for a few weeks now and it’s finally cracking.

Inappropriate analogies over; I’m going to bed.


Degenerate Karma says:

Gambatte Kudasai!! [Japanese for: “Ride that camel hard, cowboy, you know he loves it.”]

And once you climb out of the ‘saddle’,

Degenerate Karma says:

Camel humping eh? So, it’s finally come to that? Verily, the scholarly life is a torturous trail to follow, one that breaks many a fine man and sends him to commit acts of bestial deprivation.

What’s next, I wonder? Kitten-huffing? Dwarf tossing? (not what you think!) Casting aside all decency and joining the Church of England?

admin says:

Well, depriving things and people is what it’s all about (or so I’m told).

What’s with the name change?

Degenerate Karma says:

It’s no secret I’ve always wanted to be known as ‘Degenerate Karma’!

No, just never liked my name, and haven’t used it since I arrived in Japan, which is four years ago now.

Anyway, you can talk, Jennifer Zander Xerxes Hieroglyph Xylophone Dentith. (oops, did I just blow your anonymity?)

admin says:

Only to those who haven’t read the ‘About’ page. The real ‘About’ page.

admin says:

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