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A reminder to all those who might be interested that the Conspiracy Theories course is still open for your enrolment. So sign up, one and all, for a fun-filled six weeks of talking about Conspiracy Theories philosophically, epistemologically and, most importantly, enjoyably.

For those of you noticing, I wasn’t on the radio this last Sunday. I forgot to stop the blog advertising the idea that I was; we ‘lost’ a flatmate on the weekend and I was there to help out in whichever way I could, which turned out to be avoiding the train of boxes that paraded past my room. Still, the thought was there. Radio resumes Sunday after next, and I plan to be talking about whether the past incidence of historical conspiracies tells us anything about the likelihood of contemporary conspiracies happening now.

But anyway, enrol enrol enrol. It’ll be good for you and even better for me.


1. In no way whatsoever