So Say We All

(I forgot I hadn’t published this…)

So, ‘Battlestar: Galactica’ the best show on TV you are probably not watching, is coming to an end after four seasons, with the lead writers claiming that this means they can finish off their story arc and provide for an exciting finale.

The fans, for some reason, are pissed.

There is something very odd about fandom in that fans will fight and fight and fight for a show to survive even when the architects of that show think it would be better otherwise. Yes, some shows get cancelled before their allotted time and some shows only begin to express their greatness as they come to a close, but, by and large, a lot of shows live on too long (I’m looking at you, last season of ‘Buffy…’).

There was a great mini-series in the UK called ‘Ultraviolet’ (not related to the recent film of that name) about a modern day vampire conspiracy. The story had a very definite beginning, middle and end and was commissioned for a second series. Some fans were astounded by the writer’s claim that he had exhausted the ideas of the show and that he wanted to go onto something new, even going so far as to propose their own, frankly quite terrible, plot ideas for a further six episodes.

‘Battlestar: Galactica’ is a show that has an evident goal for its characters; they want to get to Earth. This season they are going to do it. Sure, they could go on for a few more years, dragging it out. I think it’s admirable that they want to tell a complete story and are willing to do it going out on a high rather than trying to prolong the story for as long as possible and then have to cram in an ending at them moment they are told the show is cancelled.

Back to the conspiracies soon. And the One Line Doctor Who Reviews.