Angela’s Theme

What a week. I’m finally no longer a menial worker and a good friend has fled the country for pastures turning brown.

I used to do some part-time work in the library at the University of Auckland, but no more. With the Med School paper starting in a fortnight I’ve decided that in the combination of library work, thesis work and teaching one of those three had to go. I did think about giving them all up and becoming a South Seas pirate, but the loss of limbs thing is disturbing and who has a sloop nowadays anyway? So ditching Lending Services really was the only way to go. Presumably this will up my thesis work quotian, but who knows…

And now I am further alone. My good friend Mel, a Canadian of some lewdness, has gone to Sydney to start her PhD (in Dreams; no, I mean that literally. She’s working in the Philosophy of Mind and looking at dreaming states). The Department here won’t be the same without her, although with the new intake this semester… And the move to a new building… But I jest. Happy travails, Mel. Hope those sexist bastards across the ditch don’t get you down.

(This is really just filler, this post…)

In other news, this Sunday (as shall be becoming as per usual my bFM slot will be at about half eleven rather than eleven. Synchronise those Swatches.

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