The McCloud’s Daughters Conspiracy

So, David Farrar is asking whether the free-to-air TV networks are sending signals to obfuscate MySky(cum-DVR) recordings. He’s a tech-savvy guy, so it seems like a bit of a stretch to think he would actually believe such a claim (I think he was fishing for a better explanation) and, a few comments in, someone does come up with the most logical, non-conspiratorial explanation.

Which is then immediately followed by someone offering up the Nanny State Conspiracy Theory. Because the State does not want you to watch ‘McCloud’s Daughters’ (and, I will admit, nor do I).


An acquaintance of mine wrote a book called ‘Christmas on a Rational Planet.’ Oh to live there.

Following up yesterday’s post (oh, so many posts in the last few days; this won’t last), I see that the defence lawyer in the Tea Ropati making a case for why his generation are the worse of all.

Mr Gotlieb told the Herald that in the 38 years he had been working on rape trials he had seen the law go “so anti-male it’s not funny”.

Lovely stuff. It’s another Conspiracy Theory, the one where certain old-fashioned conservatives decide that the little progress we have made in gender equality in the last century was not a species maturing but rather a political conspiracy of the ‘Correct’ type.

Back to your business, people.