Back in March, when I enrolled or re-enrolled, depending on whose story you believe, an almighty error occurred in my candidate registration. Technically I failed my PhD at the end of August due to non-submission, despite the fact that my submission date is in 2009. I’ve just spent the last six weeks trying to get what should have been a trifling, easily-fixed error sorted out, but in the process I found that no one actually wanted to take responsibility for the error and thus six weeks of being ‘at war’ have passed.

Which goes some way to explaining the somewhat sporadic nature of my updates recently. In theory everything should be back to normal by the beginning of next week, but that was meant to have been true a month ago, so I’m pessimistically optimistic.

It’s been a ‘flavourful’ year; the actual enrolment process was fraught with stress and terrible things back in January and February and then a series of unfortunate events occurred. Things brightened considerably in May but the middle of August; not good. Hopefully November will see an absolute boon in new and exciting material, especially since I have novel material I am trying to put into words-arranged-as-sentences (as opposed to amorphous ideas made up of signs and signifiers).

And talking about Conspiracy Theories, head over to Bad Archaeology for fun, excitement and Phoenicians.

In 1920s France!


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