The Monday Wire Interview, 95bFM

An article about me and the JREF Scholarship appeared in Te Waha Nui last week. You can read it here.

Anyway, I was interviewed[1] yesterday by José Barbosa of the ‘The Monday Wire,’ 95bFM’s current affairs/news show. It’s a pre-record for Monday’s (the 10th) show, so break out your old transistor radio and set your alarms to ‘Fun!’

Oh, that was a bad paraphrase of ‘The Simpsons.’ I’ll slink off now.

1. I’m curious to hear how I sound; it was all improv-ed and I had no idea whatsoever what the next question was going to be. I suspect that I probably sounded more strident about some matters than I am and that other times I probably could have make stronger claims than I actually did. Oh well, Monday will out.