More on the Skeptic article

The Skeptic article might not be off the cards after all; Michael Shermer has suggested that I update it to reflect some recent comments made by Freeman Dyson (most notably from his book ‘The Scientist as Rebel’ and from an article he wrote on Climate Change for ‘The Edge’).

My latest pass at the piece has ‘streamlined’ it by 200 words and made it less jargony. Which is good, because as I’m now forced to put in a new introduction it gives me more room to play around with the central conceit of the piece, that fundamentalist scepticism is bad, but so is Dyson’s worldview.

If my rewrite works out (I’ve yet to look at ‘The Scientist as Rebel’ as my interloan request has not come through yet) then I’ve been given an assurance that this time round I will be given a definite date of publication and the piece won’t be left to stagnant and go out of date.

In other news: Here is my new Lord and Master on the subject of critical thinking and atheism.


Link not work. Who new Lord and Master?

horansome says:

The Amazing Randi. The link now works; the gods know why it didn’t but I don’t. It was correctly parsed HTML and all.