More Musical Musings

Boomkat are/were a brother-sister duo whose chief claim to fame is that ‘The Wreckoning’ was the theme song to the short-lived ‘Birds of Prey’ TV series. I have to say that I like their album; it’s one of those guilty pleasures I could never defend in a court of law. Still, ‘What U Do 2 Me’ deserves accolades because:

a) It’s a duet between siblings where one sings to the other:

I aint to proud to beg
Come on lets bump and grind
All the way straight into bed
Your place or mine?

b) It contains the line:

I just can’t keep my eyes of you baby

which, due to Karyn’s accent, sounds like:

I just can’t keep my eyes off your baby

Which, seeing that they are related, must have been a vertitable sight worth beholding.

Unfortunately the director of the music video must have realised that incest doesn’t sell so the video is nowhere near as interesting as it could have been.

Morale to the story: It might seem innocent when you first wrote it but think again.