Critical Thinking

Just a notice to say that my next Continuing Education course at the University of Auckland is open and awaiting your enrolment.

Tutor: Matthew Dentith
Class Number: 91237
When: 6 sessions, Tuesday 17 April – 22 May, 10.30am – 12.30pm
Where: Room G25, East Wing, ClockTower Bldg No. 119, 22 Princes Street
Fee (GST incl): $117.00 International Fee (GST incl): $195.80
Class Limit: 25
Course Description: Critical thinking is a skill we all like to think we have, but how often have you found yourself wondering just how critical your reasoning is? In this course we will uncover many of the basic skills a good thinker requires and then put them to use in analysing arguments you might come across in newspapers, on television and in everyday conversation.

More info here.