Thoughts on Torchwood

Contains spoilers…

It was okay but not great. After two eps the characters other than Jack and Gwen are still stereotypes (contrast this with how well Jackie and Mickey were characterised by the end of Rose… Well, more Jackie than Mickey) and the second ep was the Outer Limits episode I was talking about (except that in the Outer Limits they get rid of the alien with a damn good human sexing). I was hoping for something similar in tone to Ultraviolet and instead it feels a bit like American SF. Hopefully the rest of the season will end up more high brow and not going for the easy adult-themes tag.

Liked how Jack has the Doctor’s hand, and was surprised to see that the rumour that the season predates the season two finale was false. Gwen is cute, but then again I’m a sucker for accents.


I think that RTDs humor streak was always going to prevent it from being more ultraviolet. He is a big Wheadon fan after all.

Also, is it me or does Jack’s trying to be the man of mystery not really work for him? Oh, and apparently, according to the Radio Times, he is trying to grow a TARDIS on his desk.


I don’t think they needed to turn him into Captain Scarlett to get accross the idea that he was profoundly affected by being brought back from the dead by Rose.

The whole standing on rooftops was also a bit weird; I know it’s meant to be cinematic but it makes him out to be always striking the Dan Dare pose.


Showing off his almighty crotch to the greater Cardiff.

I’m glad I got my greatcoat well before Torchwood was even mooted as otherwise people would think I was dressing up like Captain Jack. In my case I can say he’s dressing up just like me.

Also, the CSI: Cardiff joke was good.


I expect to see you standing atop the clock tower exposing you crotch to greater auckland shortly.

I do that every morning before work. Usually I don’t even wear pants. Thus far I have caused three small plane crashes and a helicopter nearly shaved off my left testicle’s pubic hair.



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