Irregardless, ‘Irregardless’ isn’t a proper word

‘Irregardless, with its illogical negative prefix, is widely heard, perhaps arising under the influence of such perfectly correct forms as: irrespective. Irregardless is avoided by careful users of English.’ – New Oxford Dictionary

Well, that’s damning, seeing that I use the word all the time. Still, supervisors are there for a reason and one of those will have to be the cleaning up of my wanton language use.

In other news, aside from the typing, the public lecture on the Shakespeare authorship controversy was good. Nothing ground-breaking in re content but well-delivered and very funny. I now want to learn more about the conspiracy theories around Marlowe’s corpse. What a great book title that would make: The Marlowe’s Corpse Conspiracy. I can see it being the next DaVinci Code, except better written.

Which reminds me, I should put up the notes I made on that travesty of the written-form.