Patent Conspiracy #1

So, a terrorist plot foiled in the UK, eh? How long before the conspiracy theories start abounding over that one? Well, not long, I reckon.

I waiting for the really grand ‘America/Britain made it up’ conspiracies, the theories that claim this is all an attempt by Western governments to control their population. Or that the ‘supposed terrorist plot’ was ‘produced’ to divert attention away from ‘other issues.’ In fact, if the latter is true then I’ve got that conspiracy theory wrapped up already.

Want to hear it? Good.

The supposed terrorist plot to bring down commerical passanger liners travelling between the UK and the USA was, in actuality, masterminded by the New Zealand Labour Party. Scared that the continuing election spending scandal would hurt the chances of re-election, the Labour Party quickly put into action a plan they had been sitting on for several years. Indeed, the speed at which they were able to enact this plan probably shows that the recent meeting between Senator John McCain and the Honouable Winston Peters, held beyond the gaze of TVNZs intrepid reporters, was actually a planning session for this very event (seeing that this also advances the New World Order conspiracy that will allow the Bilderberg Group and the Trilateral Commission to take control of America and Europe and instate a secular humanist government that will force the teaching of evolution to our children, legalise gay marriage and, of course, destroy the family unit).

And so forth.