There are many things I don’t understand. Why microscopic processes collapse on the macroscopic levels. The popularity of lip piercings. My fixation on peculiar women.

Then there are the Livejournal Communities. Communities that, with few exceptions, exist to glorify in the subjective notion of beauty.

Peer group and peer acceptance is hard enough for most people. Still, in the world proper people tend to gravitate towards their own kind by simple social pressures.

In the world that is Livejournal you get voted in. Or, as can sometimes be the case, be told to ‘Fuck off,’ just in more rude terms.

Some of the Communities exist for a legitimate reason, such as support for various hobbies and weird haircuts. Most of them, however, are Communities that seek to accept, or reject, you on the basis of what you look like. Your reward for passing muster? The ability to accept other like-bodied people.

Let me stress this; such Communities don’t then engage in constructive dialogue or engage in projects to beautify the world. As far as I can see their express purpose is to make sure that ugly people can’t interfere in their little part of the online world.

Of course, those who get rejected from one Community can just set up another. Perhaps it’s all good in the end. It’s just possible that what we are seeing is the construction of little polities that will one day result in an ecumenical movement of ‘Hey, we’re all basically the same, aren’t we?’

Then again, it’s probably more likely that it’s just people being bitchy.

Damn you all to hell.