The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy has this to say on the subject of its movie trailers…

It’s lucky that I have said remarkably little on the subject of the cinematic version of Hellblazer, ‘Constantine’ because I might have had to eat crow. Thoroughly enjoyed the film and really only had issue with two characters, acting wise, and neither was Keanu Reeves. I’d see it again, and if that was my first directorial effort I would be very pleased.

But enough about comicbook films; it’s back to the ‘…Guide…’

As well you know I was not entirely fond of the first proper trailer. I’ve now seen the other two trailers, which are both Guide entries on the subject of movie trailers, which is much more DNA in flavour. You get to hear Stephen Fry as the voice of the ‘Book’ and Alan Rickman as the voice of ‘Marvin.’ All in all, a far better experience and one that gives me more hope in re the film.

Not as much hope as I had expected to gain, though.

Alan Rickman as the voice of ‘Marvin’ will need time to grow on me; Stephen Moore’s voice is so iconic that any other will need to become an acquired taste. Stephen Fry sounds like Stephen Fry; a little to confident as the ‘Book’ I feel (Peter Jones always sounded as if he didn’t really feel conident in what he was talking about and thus made the ‘Book’ seem like it was the hastily-cobbled-together-by-vagrant-reporters text it was meant to be.

Still, I did hear a snippet of ‘Journey of the Sorcerer,’ which made me vaguely happy. All in all I don’t know that this marketting campaign will get the established fan-base rocking in their… towels? But I suspect that isn’t what they are looking for anyway. True fans are not new fans, and I shouldn’t complain. I converted to the ‘…Guide…’ via the TV series, oft thought to be the weakest of the various versions of the story.

Also, must start writing on subjects other than that of the ‘Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.’ Really must.