Almost time to start making an archive page for my previous additions to the narrative… Almost.
     Anyway… I’ve been cleaning out the document folders on the desktop PC and found this little gem that was going to be a story once, but never got worked on:

The room contained thirty monkeys, one of which was a murderer.
     “Small things,” I said to the Baroness, “that is what I tend to notice. The minuatie of the situation, the facial ticks, the forced tones of speech. All scientific, I might add. No mumbo-jumbo.”
     “I should hope so,” she said, not believing a thing I had just said.

Or there is this beginning to a story starring the intrepid explorer, Thumper McKensey:

Twas a summer eve, if memory serves correctly, when Fritzy-Boy poured himself into my rooms on Barnyard Street. He had been missing for something over four months and I was, truth be told, starting to get a little concerned.

Well, yes..