Not fallow, just misdirected


I’ve not been posting much; I’m the first to admit it. It’s not that I haven’t been working… Well, it has. I’ve been on holiday, although, to my credit, I did buy a book relevant to the PhD whilst on holiday, so technically I was working. Still, I must admit that I’ve been tardy. And I think I probably will be for the next wee while. I’ve entered into the ‘working on a PhD is really hard’ phase of the year and the last thing I seem to want to do after a day of writing is come up with even more new content. Expect updates to be in the region of every week rather than the previous plan of every 2.5 days.

So, what is new? The terror evidence is on the net and whilst I haven’t read it people whose testimony I trust (and I know an awful lot about the nature of Testimony) think that the charges are trumped it and basically meaningless. I’m giving a paper in less than a week, of which an edit will appear up here soon. Hmm, what else? Nowt, really. The most interesting thing to happen to me in the last week was to wear an actual Tom Baker/Fourth Doctor scarf. I’d tell you more, but I signed an NDA. Don’t worry; it’s nothing conspiratorial, just extremely geeky.


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