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I’m Spying on You

So, a while back I installed a stats plugin for this blog, mostly to see if I could see where my link-tos were coming from.

It seems most of you are here for ‘Battlestar Galactica’ coverage. Which is nice and all, but it would be nice if there wasn’t such a gap between searches for BSG and Conspiracy Theories. I mean, this is meant to be an attempt at an academic blog.

(But, for you BSG fans, the ‘One Line Reviews’ will continue. I mean, they’re so informative…)

Anyway, this stats plugin allows me to give you the top ten search requests for this blog over the last month. I have to say that my favourite search term bringing people here is ‘conspiracy theories of god existence.’ I’m also fond of ‘unexpected spanish inquisition.’ I mean, either someone has ‘misremembered’ the Monty Python sketch or they’re doing research into the very strangeness of that European institution.

(Another favourite: ‘dolphin mating habits.’ I’m quite keen on the idea of being an expert in cetacean mating, especially cross species.)

The Top Ten Search Terms:

battlestar galactica
ultimate conspiracy theory
conspiracy theories and the conventional
mccloud dothers
“absolute power” wishart
“conspiracy theories and the internet
dentith files
mc cloud daugthers

The prevalence of searches for ‘McCloud’s Daughters’ (an Australian TV show) continues even further down the list. I wrote one post with the name ‘The McCloud’s Daughters Conspiracy‘ back in February and it seems to have made ‘All Embracing…’ a haven for fans of Outback Australian TV.

What else? Well, the most popular part of All-Embracing? My notes on Prof. Robert Nola’s Nietzsche as Anti-Semitic Jewish Conspiracy Theory. I’m somewhat curious as to why. My search terms indicate that people are coming here, if not for anti-semiticism, Nietzsche’s views on Judaism (or, at least, Nola’s interpretation of the matter). I don’t really want to be a one-stop-shop for anti-Jewish sentiment so I’m really hoping its an entirely academic interest being expressed by students of Philosophy seeking to find out more about Nietzsche and less about people searching for other holders of anti-semitic sentiments.

Well, that was mildly informative, wasn’t it. Real content soon.