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What is real and what is not?

The discussion of Martin DoutrĂ©’s Celtic New Zealand thesis saw the not infrequent mentioning of one Kerry Bolton. Now, I’m not writing a thesis on Mr. Bolton, but someone did, that someone being Roel van Leeuwen. As many of you will know, van Leeuwen’s Master thesis has been pulled from the shelves at the University of Waikato whilst it undergoes an enquiry, an enquiry that began when Bolton complained that the thesis made him out to be a bit of a Nazi whackjob.

Now, whether or not the thesis does make him out to be a bit of a Nazi whackjob or whether he actually a bit of a Nazi whackjob is neither here nor there. I think I’ve made my position clear enough in previous correspondence. However, what is interesting is this. It’s a blog devoted to, according to its author, exploring the existence of Satanism and Black Magick in Aotearoa. What is especially interesting about it is that it appears to be a blog trying to do a hatchet job on van Leeuwen.

I’m not one for vapid Conspiracy Theorising and I’m not going to add a `but’ to the end of this sentence. I can’t say for sure that the `Satanism in New Zealand’ blog is seeking to discredit van Leeuwen (and if it is, who really reads blogs anyway? I know we do but we’re hardly important, are we?) but it is interesting (for the third time) to note that there are no posts not devoted to the van Leeuwen thesis on Kerry Bolton.

Which might just be because there isn’t much Satanism and very little Black Magick going on here. If I were the Fundy Post I’d like to, say, Cliff Richard’s `Devil Woman’ right now, but I won’t. Instead, I leave you with the best of `Jazz Club.’