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UFOs and their Spiritual Mission

Given I’m a hip young thing ((I am neither hip, nor young; this is a lie.)), I spend my Saturday evenings like many a person attending talks in my local town hall. That’s why last Saturday I found myself at the Leys Institute library listening for two hours to two earnest figures, Gordon and Megan, tell a “crowd” of about twenty people about UFOs and the spiritual mission of the World Teacher, Maitreya.

The talk was broken into two parts; Gordon talked about UFOs and our “space brothers”, whilst Megan focussed on the spiritual aspect of Maitreya’s mission on Earth. It was almost the definition of bait-and-switch; get people in to hear a fantastical story about UFOs and then sell them on some patented “transmission meditation”. It would have helped their cause if there had been anything approaching to a hard sell, however; as it stands the talk was a curious low key affair where it was suggested that if you wanted to know more, there was a meditation group near you, but at no point did anyone literally or figuratively lock the doors and turn on their mesmer stare.

“This is an esoteric fact which cannot be proven scientifically”

Gordon’s slideshow presentation was all about the evidence for our “space brothers”, the occupants of sighted UFOs who definitely come from our solar system and not Pleiades, Draco or any of those other solar systems you might have heard about. Those, Gordon assured us, are claims either born of disinformation or “space movies”. As are any claims that our space brothers go around abducting people or cattle mutilation; that’s all part of a sinister U.S. plot, designed to make us think our space brothers are malevolent, not friendly.

Gordon’s talk, littered as it was with photos of dubious provenance, was al;l about the esoteric, not scientific evidence, for the existence of our space brother. “Run it pass your commonsense and world experience”, he kept saying. Indeed, he made a point of claiming that he did not expect us to believe him outright, but if we used our intuition, we would come to know what he was saying was the truth.

Despite claiming that the story he was telling was esoteric, he could not help but make an awful lot of digs at scientists, particularly those at NASA. Gordon, himself admittedly perplexing by what he was saying, told us about the various planes of the physical; the known and admitted to by the Sciences planes of the solid, liquid, gaseous, which are just but a part of the grand nature of the physical. Science, it seems, is either blithely unaware – or hiding the existence – of the four etheric planes. These etheric planes are important for our knowledge of cosmology, because whilst Mars, for example, might look like a dead world, that is only because the space brothers who live there exist in the etheric. Indeed, Earth is the only planet in the solar system where humans like ourselves exist purely in the dense, non-etheric physical planes. That’s also where we will stay until such time we stop using nuclear power.

The story Gordon told about UFOs is one which dates back to the nuclear scares of the 50s and 60s, and how certain elements of the UFOlogical community (presumably unwittingly) tapped into those fears. The worries about both nuclear power and nuclear weaponry lead many of the proponents of the “UFOs are friendly” brigade to claim that UFOs were either avoiding us because of our use of nuclear weapons, or warning us of the dangers of nuclear energy. It turns out our space brothers are cleaning up most of the damaging radiation pollution we are pumping into the unseen or unacknowledged etheric planes, using “implosion devices”. However, because of the law of karma and the law of consequences, along with the doctrine of free will, we have to do our part.

“Jesus is living incognito on the outskirts of Rome.”

Megan’s half of the presentation was much more about Maitreya, the World Teacher, and his disciple, Benjamin Creme. Maitreya, brother of the Buddha, was born sometime in the Atlantean age (which ran for 12 million years) and is one of a few Earth humans to have ascended to the etheric. The Maitreya and Benjamin Creme, a now 92-year old white man who lives in London, have been in telepathic communication since the 1970s. In order to get us ready for the “Day of Declaration”, where we, the people, will insist on hearing the Maitreya’s wisdom broadcast to all, the Maitreya has taken on physical form once again (with about forty of his mates) to walk the world and share his wisdom.

The vast majority of the Maitreya’s wisdom comes from messages he “telepathically sent” to Creme in the late 20th Century, along with purported claims about the public appearance of the Maitreya at various points prior to 2002ACE. The Maitreya’s main gig now seems to be making appearances on public TV, either in debates or as an interviewed man on the street. None of these appearances can be confirmed by Creme, nor will he tell people where they might see the Maitreya be interviewed next; the only way to know that you are watching the Maitreya is to intuit that it is him. Let’s just say that evidentially, this is more than a little troubling.

The spiritual aspect of Megan’s talk was not just to introduce the idea of the World Teacher, but also to tell people that everything is going to be all right. The Maitreya has seen the future and the Day of Declaration (which will be followed by an age of limitless and free energy for all) is close, so all we need to do is meditate and let the eternal masters get on with making/prepping the world to be a better place. All we need to do is engage in a little, light transmission meditation, and let the masters channel our energies to where they need to be.

There’s no doubt to my mind that Gordon and Megan are very sincere and believe in the Maitreya and the space brothers. At one point I thought a lot of this was very similar to Scientology, but the big difference is this: Gordon and Megan’s “Share International” organisation was not pleading for us to join, not requesting money from us, or locking us in and forcing us to undergo any form of testing. They were just engaged in a spot of public outreach. Now, there is an argument this is still on the spectrum of “bad things” if you think their public outreach will result in people joining their cause and coming to believe weird things, but, let’s face it, it’s no worse (or even weirder) than Christian proselytising.

This is, in the end, a soothing (and, let’s face it, white, middle-class) spirituality which says “As long as you are positive about things, all you need to do is live a nice, healthy life and the world will continue to change for the better.” It’s a view which is incredibly comforting, especially if you already are fairly well-off and comfortable. You don’t have to do much at all to effect positive change; some meditation here and there, basically. Therein lies the rub; this is a spirituality which says real change is only possible if you believe in the Maitreya. For those of us who don’t, the challenge of making a better world isn’t going to consist of giving lectures to twenty people and sharing photos of alleged UFOs, or meditating. The work requires getting out there and actually doing things to make that change happen.

Still, there are worse ways to spend a Saturday night. I know; I went and engaged in precisely that kind of behaviour afterwards.