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The Dentith Files – JFK

Kennedy, eh? It’s a biggie. I suspect we’ll come back to JFK again (and again); there’s enough content for a thousand more shows. Still, we did, I think knock this bastard off right proper.

Sorry, no idea where that came from.

Next time… Well, some investigative journalism by yours truly. Well, I say journalism… I’m following up a rather curious article I’ve found and trying to find out a little bit more about why it was published and who wrote it.

The Dentith Files

Undoubtedly one of the events that will be remembered as representative of the 20th Century will be the assassination of John F Kennedy.

Matthew Dentith looks at the theory that Kennedy was murdered by other agencies rather than Oswald himself. In particular he looks at one of the many strange figures in JFK lore: Kerry Thornley.

Oliver Stone’s wonderful, yet ultimately erroneous, film JFK. Tangents include: Doctor Who and Quantum Leap.

Further Reading

A good bio of Thornley on Reasononline.

Check out Thornley’s Confession to Conspiracy to Assassinate JFK. Pretty much does what it says on the box.