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Reading the Maps

I’ve been meaning to link to `Reading the Maps’ for a while now; there are some great posts up there about wacky alternative archaeologies of Aotearoa, but this post on recent talkback radio discussions blaming the `Jews’ for the current banking crisis in the States (whilst others are blaming the Government) has spurred me to do the decent thing and let my (small but growing) audience share in the wisdom of another blog.

I won’t provide much in the way of commentary to the conspiracy theorising that occurred on the radio; I wasn’t listening to the talkback and I don’t know the hosts so I’d be idly speculating where `Reading the Maps’ isn’t. I’m not surprised that these anti-Semitic Conspiracy Theories are being touted; they are unfounded but have never really lost their favour with the hoi polloi. It’s a crude generalisation, I know, but people don’t seem to like oppressed peoples seemingly doing well, and the Jewish population have done so well (relatively speaking) given just how oppressive the multitude of European nations where to them.

Anyway, enough of my rambling. Go read.