The Lion Sleeps No More – My Life with Icke – Part 3

Ampli-fly me to the Moon…

Icke’s eleven-hour presentation started with a discussion of his philosophy and ends up with his pointing the finger at those who are responsible for all the bad things in our reality. However, to get there he had to take us to Saturn and back, in a move that can only be called “audacious.” He makes this move in a haphazard way: the second section of the talk was scatty and a little vague on particulars (I was going to say that it was the weakest section, but, really, the final two and an half hours were an hour too long). Thus this section might seem a bit scatty (a bit like the last one, really), but it’s all going to come together (admittedly in a weird way) when we get down to the four groups who control our prison planet.

On with the show.

In what can only be described as a moment of having it both ways, Icke revealed that people like the Bilderbergers are not the people who are really in charge. Rather, it is the people behind the Bilderbergers et al who are in control of the prison planet. Now, this is a case of having it both ways because, should you challenge Icke, he can always say “Well, yes, I’ve been talking a lot about the Rothschilds and you are right to say they aren’t the real threat: it’s the people who control them who are the real threat!” His views about who is in control cannot be falsified because he has a built-in escape clause that allows him to suggest (yet) another shadowy group is behind the shadowy group you don’t think is really to blame ((There’s also an interesting problem here about conceding too much to Icke and his views. At one point, when Icke was waxing lyrical on the evils of paedophiles, the Freemason’s and the like, I ended up thinking “Surely these people can’t be responsible for all of this” (“this” being “The evils of the prison planet”). It was only a few seconds later that I realised that I had just implicitly accepted the existence of a conspiratorial group and was merely denying that they were as bad as Icke made them out to be ((Maybe, in retrospect, making my example here about paedophiles was a bad idea: I don’t want to make it sound like I’m not denying that paedophiles are bad people. They are bad people. I’m just not sure they are conspiring against us.)) This is the kind of easy mistake I warn others about: if you spend hours listening to someone explain their controversial thesis to you, you will, at some point, end up going “Okay, I’ll accept this point for the time being to see where they go with it” and moments later you forget that you only provisionally accepted that claim, start believing it and thus end up going ever deeper into the rabbit hole.)).

Icke, in developing his talk of who is (or, really, when you gloss him properly, might be) in control touched on the recent report by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich. In short, they did an analysis of which companies own other companies and discovered that about 150 companies control near half the world’s wealth. Icke puts this forward as both proof of his thesis ((Which, I would argue, it isn’t. If the number of controlling interests had turned out to be a small band of, say, 12 companies, that might have suggested tight collusion amongst a set of people with shared interests, but the number of interests the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich reports indicates controls a chunk of the world’s finances looks more like the normal operation of capitalist interests: big companies like to invest in other big companies just in case mistakes are made at home.)) and yet manages to say that as it was put out by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich group it can’t be trusted because, as we all know, the Gnomes of Zurich are part of the system of control over the prison planet and therefore nothing they say should be taken seriously.

Icke likes to have it both ways a lot.

Still, all that was by-the-by and fairly standard stuff. What I wasn’t expecting was to find out that the Moon is a spaceship and that Saturn is a giant transmitter, part of the system of control that locks us into this holographic reality.

The second part (of Icke’s four-part journey into his belief system) ends up on Saturn, via the Moon, but first he gave a potted history of his thesis that the Illuminati bloodlines have been interbreeding with humans for most of our history. I suspect I can’t really do his radical reinterpretation of all human history much justice, given how sweeping and ahistorical it is. Wikipedia is probably your safest bet.

Anyway, for some reason the Illuminati focused their attention on Europe (and ignored, it seemed, the vast majority of the rest of the world), but during the Colonial Era (i.e. that time when Europeans decided to visit their patent brand of destruction upon other cultures) ((Icke’s view of the world is oddly Euro-centric. Whilst he talks about how world cultures share common traits and thus show that the reptilian shape-shifters have been interfering in all of out lives for the a very long time, he also seems to think that the Illumanti’s control of world politics is relatively recent.)) they moved out of Europe and set up secret societies to control the world as their traditional systems of control (monarchial bloodlines) were being disestablished (which was, of course, part of the plot to make us think we were gaining back control of our destinies) ((One dastardly thing these reptilians did was to forbid artists from depicting them in their reptilian form. Icke believes some artists tried to get around this by giving the shape-shifters reptilian features when they depicted them, and some radical artists just drew other reptiles as placeholders for the public figures they wanted to expose or lampoon. Any image that is even slightly reptilian, then, could be an image of the reptilians.)).

Anyway, that was sort of by-the-by: the potted history of humanity and the Illuminati was there to provide a backdrop to Icke’s startling claims about the Moon and Saturn. Icke has a theory about who controls the world, and for how long, and now he has a revised theory about how that control is maintained.

By a giant spaceship in orbit around the Earth, amplifying signals sent from Saturn.

Icke’s revelation started with a thoughtform (an idea that was placed into his mind by another (higher) entity). The thoughtform contained the revelation that the Moon was an non-natural satellite. Now Icke, as previously established, is a firm believer in synchronicity and thus this thoughtform was shown to be true because because he then, within days, found that other people had had exactly the same thought(form) as well ((Which means it might not be synchronic at all: if you accept that there are alien entities putting thoughts into peoples’ heads, then the fact that Icke found supporting evidence might well be evidence of a conspiracy by those entities. Why are they trustworthy? Who do they work for?) and had even written books about it (and Icke does seem to treat publication as showing that the idea has passed the process of peer-review (well, independent publication. Obviously academic publishers are just in it to help the status quo keep pushing out disinformation)).

Now, how do we know that the Moon is non-natural and thus a spaceship.

Because it’s hollow, silly.

It’s hollow because the centre of the Moon is an empty fuel tank ((The Moon has other secrets: the dark side of the Moon (the side we don’t see) is apparently covered in bases. Icke showed a series of images of what he claimed were badly doctored photos released by NASA of the dark side of the Moon as proof that NASA is trying to hide something. Now, it is true that the photos he displayed looked badly doctored, but they also looked as if they were digital images that had been spliced together, with all the attendant faults and distortions you would expect from such a process. Whilst the photos might be doctored, the job is so bad that it seems much more likely that the images have errors in them. If NASA can’t afford to doctor an image properly, then I don’t want to be in league with them.)).

Icke tells a story about how NASA set-off explosions on the Moon to record how long it would take for the concussion wave to travel to the centre and back again, and how the results where startling. “It rang like a bell for thirty minutes,” Icke exclaimed (he didn’t froth at the mouth: indeed, there was no frothing at all during the day). Icke rightfully points out this stumped the scientists, but that the answer is simple: the Moon must be hollow. However, what Icke fails to point out (and perhaps this is because he isn’t aware of it, given that once he finds a supporting reference to one of his claims he doesn’t really look for countervailing evidence) is that the result was striking because it didn’t fit with the then current model of how the Moon was thought to be composed. The result meant that that model had to be revised and a new model formulated. The new model doesn’t say the Moon is hollow, though ((So many footnotes. Icke also believes the moon landings were faked and that Stanley Kubrick was responsible for the footage. As my friend Isaac pointed out, this was the only time in the presentation that the audience seemed to laugh at Icke rather than with him. Kubrick, apparently was a Hollywood insider and thus was aware of the Illuminati and their plots/capers. Icke suggested that Kubrick used his films to reveal how the Illuminati worked, so “2001: A Space Odyssey” was made to reveal things about NASA and the space programme, whilst “Eyes Wide Shut” was meant to show how Hollywood is infested with Satanists (Icke believes the Hollywood execs killed Kubrick so they could edit out twenty-eight minutes of Satanistic revelation from that film). Not only that, but the “Star Wars” films of George Lucas also contain clues about the real nature of the Moon. I kid you not: Icke showed an image of the Death Star and an image of the Moon side-by-side and claimed that one was meant to symbolise the other. It gets better, though: one of the people who worked on the “Star Wars” films was director John Carpenter, and his film “They Live,” Icke claimed, was proof positive of the existence of the reptilians. Now, why Hollywood lets these films play is anyone’s business. They do seem to be giving the game away.)).

Other planets also have non-natural “moons:” Icke seemed to suggest that Phobos, one of the moons of Mars, has also been placed there artificially ((I’m a little confused about Icke and his contention that the universe is teeming with life. He claims that if we were able to see the other vibrational realities we would realise there is life everywhere. So, presumably, there is life on Mars but it is invisible to us but is being controlled by a visible moon. Whatever it is these Illuminati are up to, it’s very confusing to someone trapped in five-sense reality.)). What these non-natural satellites do is amplify a signal that emanates from Saturn.

Icke’s theories on Saturn are all rather new and I (and my colleague in crime) rather felt that it was apparent that Icke was still formulating how to talk about this whilst he was on stage. He started off by pointing out that worship of the Sun was really worship of Saturn (a claim which seemed implausible when I heard it but seems impossible now I’ve written it down: the Sun can be easily seen by the naked eye and plays a very obvious role in the day-to-day life of most human beings. Saturn: not so much) and that Satan and Saturn (the god Saturn) are one and the same. Not only that, but Santa is also Satan: because Christmas occurs in the traditional period of Saturnalia, and worship of Saturn is actually worship of Satan, it is obvious, in retrospect, that Satan is Santa ((There you go: if you want to explain why you aren’t giving Christmas gifts this year, all you need to say is that you don’t engage in Satanist festivities.)).

Anyway, Saturn is sending out a signal, a sub-Matrix, which gets amplified by our Moon (and presumably by Phobos to whoever it is who lives on Mars) and has been since the Moon first appeared ((Icke has a number of theories as to when the Moon first appeared, some of which don’t fit in with the conventional wisdom of its necessity for the evolution of life on this planet. Icke is also a subscriber to the “Words in Collision” thesis that states the solar system is in a different arrangement now to the way it formed. So, basically, he can explain away any discrepancy between his view and the theories about abiogensis and the subsequent evolution of life by claiming that whatever role the Moon might have played was played in whatever arrangement the solar system was in prior to that Moon arriving in orbit.)).

The signal sent from Saturn, and amplified by the Moon, affects our DNA. Icke makes a lot out of the claim that scientists don’t really know what a lot of our DNA actually does (he claims that 98% of our DNA is unexplained) but that the answer is simple: through interbreeding, the reptilians have control over our genetic characteristics and thus the signal allows them to control us. They have built up our civilisation to allow them to control and use us for cattle.

As to who “they” are, exactly… Well, more on that soon.

Next time: Freemasons, Satanists, Child Abusers and Jews… Sorry, “Rothschild-Zionists.”


Marinus says:

Mate, you need to do something about your parentheses. One bunch of double parentheses opens in a footnote and closes in the main text – either a rather ineffective or ineffably far-reaching prison paragraph! – and there’s probably too many of them in the text. At least, that’s what my friend said when I passed your Pt. 2 on to her.

The double-bracks lets me use footnotes via plugin (which should work with most RSS feed versions as well). I do admit that I use a lot of brackets: maybe I should make them all footnotes.

Marinus says:

In other news, content-wise this is the craziest thing I’ve seen since the Fishman Deposition.

banyanesque says:

Fascinating. Particularly your observations about the dangers of implicitly accepting some of his premises and also the important point about Icke’s highly flexible theorising which makes his various claims unfalsifiable.

I look forward to the next part.