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Conspiracism – An Interview with Joe Uscinski (Miami)

M interviews Associate Professor Joe Uscinski of the University of Miami’s Political Science department. Joe is probably the political scientist working in the field of conspiracy theory theory, and is the editor of the new Oxford University Press book ‘Conspiracy theories and the people who believe them,’ of which M is a contributing author. In their wide-ranging discussion they talk about Joe’s new book, the state of research into conspiracy theory, QAnon, the salience of conspiracy theory to modern politics, and more.


Conspiracism – Is conspiracy theory or conspiracy theorist a slur?

Welcome to episode 4, AKA “green screens are hard, yo!” in which I discuss work by Jovan Byford, Lance deHaven-Smith and David Coady on why we should not talk about conspiracy theories and conspiracy theorists (and why I think they are wrong).

Conspiracism – On the cost of the Routledge Handbook of Applied Epistemology

Conspiracism – What is a conspiracy?

My new web series – Conspiracism!

Hullo there!

So, I’ve been working on a new web series which deals with the academic perspective on conspiracy theory, and the first episode is available now!

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