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David Icke is coming to Auckland

Readers of this blog will be well aware of David Icke, possibly the most well-known purveyor of these things called ‘conspiracy theories’ in the world. Local readers (i.e. those of you in Aotearoa (New Zealand) might well be interested to know that David is coming to Auckland on August 6th of this year.

I bet the organisers are glad we didn't change the flag, eh.

Tickets are available here. You can expect to find me in the audience. Whatever you might think of Icke’s views, he’s a very engaging speaker, and given it’s a marathon 10 hour session, works out to be good value for money.

Also, Josh and I will be interviewing David Icke on the podcast come the end of May, so expect a certain amount of chatter about Icke and his views over the coming months, in prep for August 6th!

See you there!