Conspiracy Corner – Megadeth

It’s a little known fact that I quite like “Mötorhead” but I dislike “Metallica.” Frankly, I have no real opinion on “Megadeth,” but I can say that Dave Mustaine is a moron. Indeed, I call into question his credentials on today’s segment:

Mustaine, in a concert in Singapore, claimed that Barack Obama staged the Aurora Shootings and the Sikh Temple massacre so as to bring about the establishment of Nazi America. Mustaine is one in a very long line of celebrities who has endorsed conspiracy theories, ranging from the likes of Jesse Ventura to Robbie Williams (imagine those two on a boat, having a chat. Why a boat? Why not?), and it’s only because we take them to be notable in one area that we even care what they think in another (I opened the show with my opinion about fish fingers, and, frankly, no one should care what I think about processed “fish” foodstuffs). This move, which is suprisingly common, is a constant bugbear of mine in the conspiracy theory literature. We mistake authorities all the time (I believe it was me that said “Lord Christopher Monckton might very well be a peer of the realm, but he’s not peer reviewed), in part because we often don’t have an opinion on some matter, so just adopt one that’s held by someone who makes out they know what they are talking about, because sometimes we want to have the same views as people whose other contributions we admire or because their views fit with our other opinions.

Whatever the case, you are on notice. Stop it. Stop it now.

Also, sorry for the large number of parenthetical statements today. I sprained my ankle and, well, I don’t really have an excuse.