1. Stephanie Chilcott

    Spelling mistake: “Now, there is a legitimate worry that the diary industry”. Now, there is a legitimate worry – diaries taking over the world (sorry, couldn’t resist).

    Otherwise, I love your blog. do follow up on the lecture tweet/email test/trial. I’d like to know how it went, if it did.

    • Fixed. Cher.

      I’ll have to ask the PHIL105 teaching team how it’s going; I’m the architect of this new social media thing (we now have a Flickr account for the class as well, which allowed students to upload photos from the fieldtrip) but I’m not actually teaching the course. I suspect it will be fairly slow on the uptake; we only came up with the idea halfway through the semester and it would, I think, have been better to start the class with the system already in place. I may well be teaching PHIL105 in Summer School, so I’ll programme it in from the very beginning.

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